Cleaning Solid Floors


Choosing the correct cleaner for your wooden floor is very important. The wrong cleaner can leave your floor looking dull and smeared or even cause damage! Be wary of “all in one” cleaners as these are not tailored to your floors needs, and may leave wax and polish residues on the floor surface. Your flooring may look good in the short term, but over time, this build up will dull your floor.

Cleaning Laminate Floors

Laminate flooring is remarkably easy to clean. First sweep or vacuum up any dust, then dampen a floor cloth or microfibre mop with an appropriate cleaner. The key is to make your mop damp, but not wet, as too much moisture over time can cause swelling. A good mopping method is to run the mop in the direction the laminate is laid. The cleaner should evaporate quickly, leaving a clean, streak free finish.

The Quick Step Flooring Cleaning Kit is absolutely ideal for this job as it contains a mop specifically designed with laminate floor in mind and a spray bottle of cleaning fluid. The spray bottle means that you can deliver the correct amount of liquid without saturating your floor delivering perfect results.

Lacquered Wood Flooring Cleaners

Lacquered wood flooring is cleaned in a very similar way to Laminate flooring. Any dust should be swept up with a soft broom or carefully Vacuumed up first. Then the floor should be damp mopped using a suitable cleaner. Wood flooring is a natural product, so a cleaner containing natural soap is ideal, such as Osmo Wash and Care.

Osmo Wash and Care does not contain harsh chemicals, and doesn’t leave streaks or residues. Simply mix one capful in a litre of water, and use to moisten your cloth or mop before wiping over the area to be cleaned.

Oiled Wood Flooring Cleaners

Oiled wood flooring can be cleaned in much the same way as lacquered wood, but care should be taken to ensure that the cleaner you choose is suited to an oiled floor.  Some cleaners that are suitable for other wood flooring finishes may not be right for an oiled finish.  Osmo Wash and Care is ideal for this type of cleaning, as it is a gentle natural cleaning fluid.  Mix one capful in a litre of water, and use to moisten your cloth or mop before wiping over the area tobe cleaned. Oiled wood floors should only be damp mopped to ensure there is no swelling of the wood.

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