How To Fit Wood Flooring to an Existing Staircase


Prepare the existing stairs to receive the new stair profiles. Most stair nosings are suitable for right angled stairs only.

For stairs that have a rounded profile, please follow either instruction 1a, or alternatively follow instruction 1b, prior to laying your chosen wooden floor

1a. Before laying your chosen flooring. Remove the rounded profile from the top of the stairs using a jigsaw, making it flush with the vertical face.

1b. Alternatively before laying your chosen flooring. Pack out the vertical face of the stairs, using ply wood to the reduced thickness, to make the surface flush with the top of the stairs.

2. Cut to the correct height and width then glue on all your stair risers first.

3. Measure width of stairs, cut stair nosing to length.

4. Securely fix stair nosing in place using glue and or screws, and allow to dry.

5. Cut to the correct length and width then glue on all your treads. Allow stairs to fully dry before use.

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