Lacquered Or Oiled Wood Flooring


A very important thing to consider when choosing your solid or engineered wood flooring is the finish. The finish will dictate the overall look of your floor and the right finish can really make a floor, the floor of your dreams. The finishes that are generally available are either lacquered or oiled. Both have massive benefits and Green Apple have a large collection of both, guaranteeing that we will have the perfect floor for you.

Lacquered Wood Flooring

Modern lacquered wood flooring is extremely tough and hard wearing, with most floors benefiting from at least 4 layers of lacquer, making this finish ideal for use in the modern home. Lacquered wooden floors are now available in a variety of styles, so you can choose from a glossy, or matt appearance. With UV lacquers now readily available, you can even choose to have an oiled effect lacquer or a textured lacquer, giving a very natural, beautiful look.

Lacquered wood benefits from being low maintenance. A quick sweep with a soft broom and a wipe over with a wood flooring cleaner is all it needs to keep it looking good.

Over time your wood floor may develop some damage with hard use. This can add to the over all character of the floor, and can be quite appealing as the floor ages and develops a unique pattern.

Lacquered wood flooring can be sanded back and re-finished if you wish to revitalise it and give the room a new look or new lease of life. Due to the hard wearing nature of this type of floor, this rarely needs to be done, but is a job that should be undertaken by a professional to achieve the perfect finish.

Oiled Wood Flooring

Oiled wood flooring is extremely versatile and has many benefits. The oils penetrate deeply into the wood, protecting it and giving it moisture resistance whilst allowing the wood to breathe. There are many finishes, with matt or satin oils available, as well as coloured oils to totally change the colouring.

Oiled wood floors require periodic oiling to keep them fresh and vibrant, but a massive advantage of re-applying the oil is that any scratches and scuff marks are instantly removed, resulting in a perfect finish once again.

This finish has great resistance to abrasive damage and any small areas that become scuffed may be re-oiled without having to attend to the whole floor, making it very forgiving and easy to maintain.

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