Maintaining a Wooden Floor


Once your wooden floor has been laid, you will want to make sure you look after it correctly so you can enjoy its beauty and warmth for many years to come. There are products designed to do just that, keeping your new floor in the very best condition.

Preventative Care

The best way to start looking after your laminate flooring or solid / engineered wood flooring is to prevent damage occurring in the first place. Mats at external doors are essential as these will help to remove small stones and grit from shoes that could cause scratching. All of our floors have hard wearing coatings to assist in preventing this kind of damage, but making sure mats are in place will really help keep your floor in perfect condition.

Felt pads and caster cups on furniture will also reduce the chances of damage by covering up any imperfections that may scratch or damage the floor surface.

Making sure that any spillages are cleaned up quickly will also help extend the life of your floor as if left to sit, a spill could work it’s way into the joints and cause swelling. You can use a moisture protection product called Clicseal when fitting the floor in any areas that might cause concern such as around sinks. This is a clear sealant that is squeezed into the joints during installation. It provides moisture resistance, but does not glue the joints, allowing boards to be taken back up without damage if needed.

Laminate Flooring

When cleaning laminate flooring it is important to use the correct product. Cleaners with waxes and polishes in, may be ideal for other areas of the home, but may cause damage to laminate flooring or leave residues that will make the floor appear dull. A soft broom and a mop or cloth dampened with a laminate flooring cleaner should be all you need to maintain your floor. For heavier marks such as pen or shoe scuffs Quick-step Force can be used to effortlessly wipe them away.

Oiled Wood Floors

Oiled wood floors require periodic oiling to keep the floor in good condition.  The oil penetrates deep into the wood surface creating a tough barrier that will repel dirt, moisture and dust.  The Osmo Polyx Oils we have available at Green Apple Flooring are very simple to use, and all you need do is apply a thin coating on a clean, dust free floor.  This will re-vitalise it and top up the oil’s natural defences.  If there is any staining or marks, these can be removed during the maintenance by lightly sanding them out before applying the fresh coat of oil.

Lacquered Wood Floors

As lacquered wood floors do not require periodic treating, maintenance is relatively simple. A soft broom and a suitable everyday cleaner are essential. Dried stains on a lacquered floor may require sanding if they have soaked right in, but this takes time, so it is best to work on stains and spills as quickly as possible.

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