Real Wood Flooring Grades


Solid wood flooring and engineered wood flooring are often referred to as being a certain grade. Timber is a natural product and so there is a tremendous variation in appearance, texture and colour available, even across just once species of tree. Floors are graded to allow for accurate sorting of the flooring to achieve a satisfactory result depending on the look required.

Prime Grade

Prime grade wood flooring is the most uniform of the grades with very few knots and less natural variation. Expect to pay a premium, as only 15% of the timber from a tree would be categorised in this way. This grade is perfect if you want a clean, crisp, uniform look for your room.

Natural Grade

Sometimes referred to as character grade flooring, Natural grade wood flooring, is a “middle ground” flooring in terms of quality and appearance and will contain a scatter of knots throughout. The rest of the board will be relatively clear with some grain patterns and colour variation. This is a perfect look for people who would like some natural variation and interesting features in their wooden flooring without being overly rustic.

Rustic Grade

Rustic grade wooden flooring has lots of natural details throughout. The abundance of heavy gaining and knots means this type of floor really does bring across the character of the tree. This style of board is full of interest and personality and is ideal for creating a traditional look. Rustic grade wood flooring is normally the best value and most popular due to the high yield from the tree.

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