What is Engineered Flooring


Engineered flooring is a stable wood flooring that is used as an alternative to solid wood flooring. It is created by bonding together 3 layers under high pressure, the bottom layer, the middle core and the top, decorative layer.

Construction of Engineered Flooring

The bottom layer of an engineered wood floor is designed to stabilise the finished product and prevents excessive movement during the changing of the seasons.

The centre layer, or core layer retains the shape of the plank and is machined to incorporate the fitting system. A variety of materials can be used for this, hardwood, softwood or sometimes HDF. The fitting profile can be tongue and groove or a loc system.

The top layer is the part that gets noticed. It consists of a layer of hard wood available in a huge variety of colours, styles and finishes such as oak and walnut. The boards can be unfinished, lacquered or oiled.


How Thick is the Hardwood Veneer?

The hardwood veneer is the decorative layer that will give your wood flooring the look and feel of solid wood. The veneer is normally anything between 0.6mm-6mm thick and offers durability and beauty just like any solid wood floor.


Can the Floor be Refinished?

Absolutely. The wear layer is very durable, but you may feel many years down the line that you would like to refresh the floor or maybe even change the look. The thickness of the hardwood on this type of flooring means that most floors can be given a new lease of life by sanding and re-finishing. As much as 0.5mm can be sanded back and a new finish applied.


Underfloor Heating

Engineered wood flooring can be used with underfloor heating in certain circumstances. The temperature should be evenly distributed and the temperature regulated with a thermostat. A vapour barrier should be used and the surface temperature should not reach over 27 degrees.


Underlay for Engineered Wood

There are many types of wood flooring underlay available to make sure that your floor performs to your expectations. Timbertech Original Extra Underlay is an ideal choice for use with engineered floors. An underlay will support the joints and provide sound reduction. An underlay should always be used if you choose to lay your floor floating. If the floor itself is being fully glued down there is no need to use and underlay, but if the floor is being pinned or screwed down, it can be used for heat and sound insulation.


What Types of Engineered Flooring are Stocked?

At Green Apple Flooring we have a huge selection of engineered flooring to choose from, in all types of finishes, so we are bound to have something perfect for your project.

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